Thursday Night News: 

19-year-old winger Josh Gatt has now scored a beautiful goal in back-to-back weeks, but this one was truly special. Gatt took the ball all the way up the right side of the pitch on his own, before literally breaking a defender's ankles with a step-over. He then effortlessly punished the ball into the top right corner of the net. Gatt's club Molde FK won the match 2-1 against Clarence Goodson's former mates at IK Start with Gatt's goal making up the difference in the score.

I think a Zoolander quote sums up Gatt's current form the best: "Gatt"...so hot right now..."Gatt".

Everyone don't panic that Klinsmann didn't give Gatt a call to be part of the Mexico friendly. Trust me he will be on the September US team that takes on Belgium in Brussels, which will be comprised of all Euro-based player.

Check it out....


Meanwhile, it looks like Timmy Chandler may miss another National Team game. This time it's not his club that is keeping him on the sidelines but it's his knee. Chandler picked up a knee injury during Wednesday's training session, which has led to calf pain and thus he is questionable to play in Nurnberg's season opener vs. Hertha Berlin this weekend.

Chandler and the US Men's National Team must not get along well. There's always something that is causing him to miss international duty of late. This is starting to remind me of the whole Jermaine Jones injury saga once he switched over national team allegiances, but obviously to a much lesser extent on all fronts. Hopefully, we can see him on Wednesday vs. Mexico, but that seems unlikely at this point.