Written by Matthew Spitz | 05 May 2011

In one of the strangest news stories of the weekend, Landon Donovan has announced that he would like to end his career in Argentina, playing for Boca Juniors.

In an interview with ESPN Deportes, Landon said...

"At the end of my contract, I could possibly play for Boca."


I'm not exactly sure why Donovan wants to end his career in Argentina and specifically with Boca Juniors besides for the fact that Argentina would be a cool place to live. Boca Juniors is a highly respected club, but it still seems like an odd choice. You would figure Landon would just finish out his club career in the MLS.

What do you think of this new development? Share your comments below...

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Written by Matthew Spitz | 05 May 2011

Charlie Davies scored an MLS leading 6th goal of the season in a 2-1 DC United win over the Seattle Sounders last night.

Charlie delivered a beautiful pass to set up United's first goal of the game and then scored what would be the game-winner in the 52nd minute, putting his club up 2-0 at the time. Brad Evans later scored on a penalty shot to make the game interesting, but without Zakuani, Seattle did not have the firepower to complete the comeback.


Here is Charlie's Assist (31st minute)...


Here is Charlie's Goal (52nd minute)...

I know Charlie isn't scoring the prettiest goals you've ever seen, but he is getting them in. It's remarkable that he leads the league in goals, especially when he's on a club that does not have great midfield play. Yes, Davies is still nowhere near the old Charlie, most evident by his lack of explosion on and off the ball, but what he has accomplished so far this season shouldn't go unnoticed.

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Written by Matthew Spitz | 05 May 2011

After Pachuca's disappointing finish to the 2nd half of the Mexican season, which saw them fail to qualify for the Clausura championship quarter-finals, management has decided to put the whole team on the transfer market. This includes US internationals, Jose Torres and Herculez Gomez.

Pachuca's board said...

"After a meeting, we decided to make all the first team players transferable."

"This doesn't mean they will go, but that they have the option of leaving the club if that suits their interests and those of the club."

This isn't as big of a deal as you may think. Even though every player is available, it doesn't mean that anything is going to actually happen. Pachuca is basically saying, nobody is untouchable and we need to make some changes moving forward. So the question of who is going to move is still left unanswered.

Will Torres or Gomez move? If I had to pick one, it would be Gomez. Just because Gomez is the older player, who doesn't have that much mileage left. However, Gomez was on a goal scoring tear before Pachuca got eliminated from league competition. Therefore it's tough to say what's going to happen from here.


Will Gomez or Torres be moved? Share your comments below...

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Written by Matthew Spitz | 04 May 2011

Marcus Hahnemann's career with the Wolverhampton Wanderers and the EPL may be over sooner rather than later. Hahnemann came into the 2010-2011 campaign as Wolverhampton's #1 keeper, after an impressive season in helping Wolves avoid relegation. However, Marcus was benched in late November after a horrible 2-1 loss to Blackpool, with Wolves struggling immensely.

Hahnemann's contract expires this summer and with no sign of a contract extension it seems as if his days are numbered. This is especially true if Wolves get relegated this season. They currently are in the relegation zone, but are only one point from safety. However, both Wigan and Blackpool are ahead of Wolves, so they would have to jump two teams to secure an EPL position for next year. 


Marcus is in a weird situation right now. He is 38-years-old so his career is clearly coming to an end, but at the same time he still is a pretty darn good keeper. He wants to stay in the EPL, but that probably won't be possible unless he is a #2 somewhere or if he plays in the Championship. Also, Marcus says he wants to end his career in the MLS with Seattle, his hometown, but is not yet ready to make the move.

As a result, he has two options. Marcus could either grind it out as a back-up in England, getting minimal playing time in cup competition unless somebody goes down with an injury or he could accept his fate and come to the MLS early. Option 2 sounds a lot more attractive to me. First off, there is an opening as Kasey Keller is set to retire and the Sounders would love to have another experienced keeper to fill Keller's shoes. Especially since the Sounders have an up-and-coming team with a huge fan base to please. Second, the MLS is coming on strong and trust me this is a league you want to be a part of. The only negative to an MLS move is that Marcus would be paid about half as much, maybe less.


Should Hahnemann come to the MLS? Share your comments below...


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Written by Matthew Spitz | 04 May 2011

Ricardo Clark was taken out 21 minutes into Eintracht Frankfurt's loss to Mainz over the weekend with a leg injury, which is now being diagnosed as a left calf strain. It is unclear whether or not Clark will be available to play on Saturday when Frankfurt takes on FC Koln.

Eintracht Press Officer, Carsten Koop, said this about the injury...

"It happened without another player or the ball [nearby]. Our doctor said maybe it is possible for him to be back Saturday [vs. FC Köln]. We hope so."

Eintracht Frankfurt is fighting for their Bundesliga life, as they currently sit in a relegation playoff spot, 2 points from safety with two matches to play.


It's a shame. Rico has been dealing with injuries all year long and as a result never could really get regular playing time. Every time you think Rico is a fixture of Frankfurt's starting eleven, he gets hurt. This lack of consistent form will hurt his Gold Cup chances immensely. With the depth in the midfield, Clark better be back next week if he wants to make the Gold Cup team.

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